About Rattan Synthetic

What is rattan? Rattan is an ordinary vine growing plant in jungle forests, usually rattan used for tying wood, rattan usually develops in tropical climates, but nowadays for rattan it is rather difficult to get it, so nowadays there is a so-called plastic rattan or synthetic ,

this rattan is machine-made flexible but strong, in comparison rattan natural rattan synthetic is more powerful against extreme weather changes, in the treatment of rattan synthetic easier in terms of maintenance, now many industries use rattan synthetic because it is easy to get and easy to woven , also the motif is made almost like a natural rattan, for the design of rattan synthetic easier in terms of making furniture, and in this case can use the framework made of wood or metal (iron, alumunium and others), so for the home look modern rattan synthetic the choice.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture
We produce reclaimed wood furnitures made from abandoned houses, bridges, railway sleepers, and warehouses. we also manufacture reclaimed wood furniture from old ships, which rescued driftwood from the beach and river.

Reclaimed teak Furniture
Using reclaimed wood should be considered a higher priority – and the first option – compared to using wood taken from forests and woodland. And what better than to wake up surrounded by beautiful reclaimed wood with character oozing from every grain. Our handcrafted reclaimed Teak furniture exudes both exquisite chunky design and functionality; so much so, you will find yourself wanting to spend more time there!

Our handmade furniture is available in the ‘Natural Rustic‘, ‘Original Old Teak‘, ‘Unfinished Natural Sanded‘, or ‘Smooth Contemporary Finish‘ Type. There also available in a choice of 3 colors giving you a wide variety of options to create your perfect environmental. We aim to minimize the use of harmful products therefore the furniture is sanded by hand, then we apply a dark antique Coffee or Tea Brown stain and this is sealed with a coat of shellac.
Finally a wax composition of natural beeswax and hard carnauba wax is rubbed onto all surfaces then polished and this provides a beautiful and durable finish to our furniture. From our Reclaimed Teak line, which uses non-toxic FDA approved glues and NO VOC finishing, to our various programs to improve the environment and lives of our employees at the factory, we truly leads the way toward a sustainable future.

Recycled teak – Advanched Industrial Furniture

Combination between recycled teak materials with wrought iron build vintage industrial furniture use iron wheel in advanched or legs standard. The construction would be more strong and long life used.