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Working your way through the car insurance minefield can be a daunting prospect. Car insurance comparison websites cannot access all the insurers that would be willing to cover your vehicle, as some insurance companies prevent comparison sites from trawling their quotation engines. Once you have found such a website make sure that when you compare … Continue reading “car insurance comparison”

Working your way through the car insurance minefield can be a daunting prospect. Car insurance comparison websites cannot access all the insurers that would be willing to cover your vehicle, as some insurance companies prevent comparison sites from trawling their quotation engines. Once you have found such a website make sure that when you compare car insurance quotes you are not focusing simply on the premium quoted but the entire policy package; compare the level of cover offered including such items as the voluntary and mandatory excess levels in addition to other benefits offered.

When you compare car insurance quotes you may find that they can vary widely and in some cases it is because the benefits of cover are so different. If you do not disclose all the information requested, your cover may be invalid.


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