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Certainly as early as possible. Since the age of children provided with various types of games with educational toys or not. Just to remind infant toys not only, brain development of children in this age included in the phase of gold (the golden age) or a child’s brain is undergoing rapid growth. Therefore, the stimulation would be required. The more connections between nerve stimulation is more and more connected. Children who are already familiar with educational toys early on, the development of intelligence will be seen more leverage. He is more able to concentrate, creative, and diligent. While that does not, normally would be left in an intellectual problem. Children who are not introduced with educational toys will be more difficult to learn about shapes and colors. haba baby toys are toys that can stimulate the brain child to the child oatak rapidly evolving, with these toys children will be invited to play in education. in addition to the toys we also provide Zooper strollers baby carriage baby Doom has a variety of models and sizes, so you easily choose and customize to the needs, for it please contact us, we will be happy to help you and your baby to your child’s development